staticlibs in PKGBUILD?

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Hello, some people mourned on AUR that a package that I maintain (adopted from other peoples) does not use "staticlibs" option. before they mentioned it I didn't knew about it. Is this a new PKGBUILD-option, or did I just have not seen it before? What does this option do? I found the description for the option, it says: staticlibs - Leave static library (.a) files in packages Will static libs be only part of the package, if this option is set? So, without it, only shared libs will be put into the install package and static libs will be leftout? Can somebody please explain me this option? Ciao, Oliver

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packages still shipped with them due to staticlibs being the default in makepkg. The pacman devs decided to switch to !staticlibs being the default to bring the few remaining packages with static libs into line with the policy. So no, staticlibs is not "new", it was just enable by default previously. Now you have to explicitly enable staticlibs to package the .a static libraries, something that individuals can do themselves by modifying the PKGBUILD, or by changing makepkg.conf. It's up to you, as a maintainer of an unsupported package, whether you want to enable the static libs for everyone (modify the PKGBUILD options array), or leave it up to individuals who want the staticlibs to enable them themselves. Personally, I prefer the latter. Relevant arch-dev threads: WorMzy
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OK, thanks for the explanation. Ciao, Oliver